Thursday, January 3, 2013

December 2013

So, maybe I was inspired by a friend to quit being a slacker on my blog...

There's no way for me to fill in the year I've missed, so I'll start where we are now, and MAYBE I'll fill in 2012 another day (or not)!!!

Here's  what happened for the Anderson family during December 2012:

Snow, snow, and more snow...

New carpet for a few rooms in the house...desperately needed! Here's the before (left) and after (right):

This was a fun project...
Since we got new carpet, I figured I quickly needed to paint a wall. However, the first color was gross, so I came up with this brilliant idea to use wood stain on the dang thing. It took me several hours. 

I applied it all with a small brush. 

I loved looked awesome. would not dry!! At all. We were desperate to put the rooms back together with the Christmas Tree & furniture, so I decided to let it go until after Christmas. It remained very sticky and tacky for several days, but then a Christmas miracle happened! About a week later, it was 'almost' dry!! I'll take it!! Needless to say, I'm not painting again for a LONG while! 

And, word to the wise... NEVER try using wood stain on a wall! ;) 

Love me some Christmas music, and I was SO excited to see Richard Marx perform on 

I rushed right out and bought the album! He was my first concert 'sans parents'...loved him way back then, and this album was GREAT! I'm not ashamed!

Landon & I had a date to "A Christmas Carol" at the Hale Center Theater. It was awesome.

Joe turned the big 41! Although he still looks like he's 23 to me! Mikayla re-gifted a white elephant "Shave Me Barbie"...awesome and gross, all at the same time!

Chocolate dipping with Nanny! YUM!

 Christmas Eve...lots of fun acting out the Nativity, and having Nanny read "Bear Noel"...

Lots of cousins were not there this year, and we missed them!

Christmas PJ's from Nanny...

With the munchkins in bed, we were ready for Santa to come!

Christmas morning anticipation...LOVE THIS. There is love and joy in the air, and it's such a fun time.

 We have the tradition of waiting until you hear piano music to be able to come to the tree. I grew up to the sound  of my grandpa playing the piano...he was amazing. I always miss him on Christmas mornings!

Oh how I miss the day when my kids wanted Barbies & Legos! Teenagers are expensive...

or so Santa tells me!

It's all over SO quickly!! SAD!

I got my parents wedding picture printed onto slate! I thought it was a fun idea! They looked SO young!

 Landon got a Cotton Candy maker . A fun and MESSY present, FYI!

Later on Christmas Day we went to see "Parental Guidance".
 It was a cute movie, and just fun to be together.

 On December 30th, Joe & I celebrated our 18th Anniversary! Can't believe we are getting so old!! 

We didn't do much this year...went to a fancy dinner at Red Robin, and then went to see "Lincoln"-- which was SO good!

Landon made our anniversary SO great. He baked us a cake, all by himself. He even put the chocolate shavings on top. He also made us "Oprah's recipe" for Frozen Hot Chocolate. He turned on some violin music, lit a candle, turned all the lights in the house off, and told us to "enjoy the magic of the moment"! He cracks me up. Such a thoughtful boy!!

Finally- New Years Even bowling. It was great! Enjoy the high quality pictures from my phone!

Love my cute parents. I had to hold the hat on my Dads head at the last minute-- just for this picture. 
He was thrilled about it! ;)

So there it is... December 2012. 

This year has been great, and we are very blessed. We have so much to be grateful for.

Hopefully I'll blog again before next Christmas! 

HAPPY 2013 Y'ALL!!


Kristin said...

Wow...I am so proud of you right now, and I'm sure the "friend" that inspired you is amazing!
Love the pictures, the December happenings, and the memories. Love you and your family! That's a lot of love!

Scott and Stacia said...

What a fun December. I love that Landon made you enjoy your anniversary...cute!!

Tommy + Monica said...

Haha, just realized this post is labeled December 2013, when really it was December 2012!!